I. About us:



Founded in 2017 and headquartered in Shanghai, Coffinance is a professional comprehensive service platform for the coffee industry, covering industry consulting services, coffee B2B trading services and financial services.Owned by:


Coffee Finance website: Professional information platform for coffee industry, with information center, trade hall, industry database, research report, etc. Domain name:


Coffee Trading website: Professional B2B trading platform for coffee industry, domain name:;


Heiguzi Think Tank: Coffee business research and financial services advisory platform;


Our vision: To be a responsible and influential service platform in the coffee industry.


Positioning: Coffee business consulting, trading and financial services platform.


Official website:


WeChat official number: 咖啡金融网(ID:coffinance)


Users of the platform involve enterprises in the whole industrial chain such as coffee cultivation, processing, trade, production and retail companies.


Especially with yunnan coffee company, China's largest coffee planting area, maintain close contact, and with coffee companies in Yangtze river delta, China's largest coffee consumption and production area, keep in a positive touch. In addition, communicate and study with the main coffee research institutions, and expand business in China for the international coffee trade enterprises, as well as the service coffee related financial institutions.


II. Up to now, our customers mainly include:


1. Yunnan coffee enterprises: Guodian coffee, Manlaoriver coffee, Yunlu coffee, Heshun coffee, etc;


2. Coffee enterprises in the Yangtze River Delta region: Sky coffee, Douyuan coffee, SEESAW, etc;


3. Domestic coffee research institutions: Institute of Scientific and Technical Information, Flavor beverage institute, Chinese academy of tropical agriculture science, Institute of Flavoured beverage, Hainan Wanning Coffee Research Institute, etc;


4. International coffee trading enterprises: Louis Dreyfus, Sucafina, S.ISHIMITSU, etc;


5. Financial institutions: Zhengzhou Commodity Exchange, Hongta Futures, East Asia Futures, etc.


III. Customer case:


1. Assist international coffee trader SUCAFINA to enter the Chinese market and become the consultant of the joint venture company of SUCAFINA in China;


2. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Hongta Futures to assist the company's research on coffee futures.


3. Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Manlaoriver Coffee, responsible for the promotion and operation of the brand in East China.


Ⅳ. Our advantages:


1. Familiar with the coffee industry in China;


2. Rich coffee enterprise resources;


3. Professional knowledge and background of coffee industry.


Ⅴ. What can we do?


1. Provide professional coffee industry consulting reports;


2. Become a professional coffee industry consultant;


3. Docking with domestic coffee industry enterprises and related businesses.



Ⅵ. Founder introduction:


Tao Jian, master of Finance, Euromed School, France, founder of Coffinance, former director of financial Business Department of Shanghai Free Trade Zone Coffee Exchange.


During my work in the Coffee Exchange of Shanghai Free Trade Zone, I found that the coffee industry in China lags behind in development and lacks basic work. For coffee plantation enterprises at the front end of the industry, they are out of line with the market, with single sales channels and serious information asymmetry. For the coffee producers in the back-end of the industry, there are few researches on the professional coffee industry in China, and the information is scarce, which makes it difficult to obtain information conducive to the development of enterprises.


To this end, we hope to create a coffee industry service platform integrating coffee information and trade. Taking professional information as the entry point, we help the long-term development of China's coffee industry through trade service platform.